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Signs of Mole Presence:

Mole Hills

Moles are 120-150mm in length, with short black fur, pink fleshy snout, and spade-like forelimbs. They really are unmistakable, but actually seeing one alive (unless in a humane trap…) is probably unlikely.

If you need to eliminiate a Garden mole in your garden, in villages like Lyonshall,  Brilley,  Eardisley or Pembridge, and you don’t know how to trap them properly we can professionally catch and remove it quickly and humanely.
Don’t let mole hills and mole problems get out of hand. They undermine the ground, damage machinery, spoil crops and harm livestock. The only effective way of removing moles is to trap them. Any failed attempts often lead to the mole being trap shy and harder to catch when the professionals are eventually called in.

  • A really big mole hill
    A really big mole hill

Mole removal by the use of specialist traps can only be done efficiently, as well as humanely, by our experienced trappers across Herefordshire, Powys and Shropshire. Only good quality traps and traditional methods of putting break-back mole traps or Putange traps in the mole runs, safely below the surface of the ground.

This is a skilled craft; We know all the old, country ways of using mole traps taught by our grandfathers get the best results. We will mark each trap set with a cane, (look for our mole markers in fields in and around Kington).
We can collapse the mole runs after we’ve cleared them of moles. However, we’ve found that this isn’t really an effective method of mole control; moles are such incredibly good diggers that it doesn’t take them long to dig out more mole runs beneath the earth – and throw up yet more molehills when they do it!

Know Your Enemy

Damage to your property.      

 Moles do not feed on the turf grasses, but they undermine the root system of the plants, which can affect plant growth in your property.  Even a small populations of moles can do considerable damage to sports turf, playing surfaces and amenity lawns, but control may not be necessary in less intensively used or managed areas. The damage is a side-effect of the moles’ subterranean lifestyle — they live on a diet of worms and other soil invertebrates and although they do not eat plant material, they can damage roots during their tunnelling activities.

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Squirrel Control


Squirrel Eradication

pesky little squirrel
pesky little squirrel

Damage to your property.

squirrel damage to buildings
squirrel damage to buildings

If you have issues with grey squirrels in your garden or on your property the damage caused to bird feeders, trees and your home can be significant. We can humanely eradicate this pest quickly and safely.

Control methods :

We will visit your property and install a feeding station, after the squirrel has become confident using the platform, we will revisit site and using an accurate air-rifle we will eliminate and dispose of the carcass.



The following are genuine testimonials from our customers :


Our lawn was being totally mined by moles!  Alun is brilliant at catching the little blighters! They are tough persistent little enemies, but he has just about won!
Very grateful and would recommend him any time.

James and Janet Greenfield   Kinnersley Herefordshire   17.01.17

If you have a problem with moles in your lawn or garden, Then Alun is your man thanks to his skills of catching moles the little devils!! Over quite a number of years my lawn is looking as good as ever.

J stalls Titley,  Herefordshire  13/01/17

Thanks Alun for sorting out our mole problem.  The ground was almost collapsing, and it is a relief to have got rid of them.  I would heartily recommend you to anyone with a similar a problem and found you very easy to deal with.
Best Wishes

Sally       Lingen  Powys   8-1-17

 Alun,  add my name to your list of testimonials. I was very impressed with the friendly and efficient service that you offer. Much as I dislike killing wildlife, the mole activity in my recently landscaped garden in Leominster was a bridge too far, and I’m so glad that I called you in. Four of the so-and-so’s accounted for so far (including two in one trap), and should the problem manifest itself again this year, I know who to turn to. Thanks again. Bernard Ashley

When I texted you on Sunday lunchtime, I had no idea that you would have the little so-and-so in my lawn dealt with within 24hrs of my text. Impressive result, well worth the fee.
Thanks also for clearing the fields in Lyonshall of the moles over the last few weeks – much appreciated.
Thanks for the prompt and thorough response.
Best wishes,

We asked Alun’s help to catch moles in our garden a few years ago. He
is prompt, effective and reliable. His success rate is very good as
we have not had moles lately. We are happy to have found him and
highly recommend him in this regard. J. Tanner from Herefordshire.

After a devastating attack of moles on our farm this winter, Alun has caught over a dozen moles. It is now good to see our fields clear of mole tumps.
Thank you for a great service.
Peter and Margaret Joyce at Little Penlan, Brilley

I contacted Alun after having a problem with moles in my garden near Presteigne Powys, which had been there quite a while. Once contacted, Alun arrived the next day and shared his fantastic knowledge regarding trapping moles .We were very pleased and impressed, the mole was caught within 2 days of setting the traps!!! Thank-you very much!!
Rhi Rees

Hello Alun, Just to let you know that there doesn’t seem to have been any further activity on the mole front in Kington. The snow has now at last all cleared so I could see what had, if anything, been going on. I haven’t touched your traps…..I’m leaving that to you…so just give me a ring and let me know when you want to call and collect traps and payment. Best wishes, Sue

Just to say we are delighted with the work you have done in eradicating the moles in the churchyard in Powys. We are particularly impressed with the fact that you only charge for moles caught.
You were very courteous and helpful, and gave us an interesting insight into how moles operate.

Dear Alun,
What a joy to start the season free from moles!
I would recommend your service without hesitation to those who have a problem with the dreaded MOLE.
D. Lewis Herefordshire.

Alun came promptly and did a good job of getting rid of the moles on our small holding in Brilley.
We found him cheerful and helpful and are very happy to recommend him.
Dick and Sheila Cianchi

We were recommended Alun as we had a significant mole problem with the whole area of our paddock in Bromyard Herefordshire covered with mole hills. He was friendly and efficient, setting 7 traps on his first visit and on his return 3 traps had worked. Being paid only on results is a refreshing approach.
No new mole hills yet so a great result – couldn’t recommend him more highly
Nigel Sheath

Alun, Just like to thank you for catching the mole that had decided to dig up our garden up in Presteigne. You were able to catch him before he did to much damage, it was well worth the money, considering how many times you had to visit before you caught him. Many thanks. Terry

I sometimes have problems with moles in our parkland that is used for the events that we host at Burton Court in Herefordshire.  Alun is the person I contact to help get rid of them quickly and efficiently. He is also very easy to deal with and I would recommend him if you are having a mole problem.
Edward Simpson

Thank you Alun. A fast, efficient job. Unbelieveable that 2 moles could do so much damage in our garden in Herefordshire so quickly. We will certainly ask you to come again if the problem re-occurs and recommend you to anyone we hear of with a similar problem. A very pleasant guy using quick and humane skills. Very reasonable rates too !

We have been a customer, of Alun, Bradnor Moles Herefordshire. For some years, we would highly recommend him, very reliable, honest, so very helpful, a real star. – Kay Evans.

I just wanted to say …. Alun responded quickly to my call when I discovered moles ravaging my new flower beds and lawn. He was efficient, courteous and dealt with the mole professionally. I would heartily recommend Bradnor Moles to sort out your mole problems.